One year jail time for sex offense by Antigo man

An Antigo man was sentenced in Langlade County court today to serve one year in jail for a sex crime.

Jacob Mcghee of Fifth Avenue, 22, received the sentence for an amended charge of third degree sexual assault of a child. He was originally charged with two counts of second degree sexual assault to a child. The jail sentence is a condition of deferred judgment for five years. He was also fined $100 plus court costs.

In separate cases he was charged with three counts of felony bail jumping, two counts of misdemeanor bail jumping, three counts of possession of marijuana and three counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

He was found guilty of two felony bail jumping charges and sentenced to deferred judgment of five years, a four year prison sentenced was imposed and stayed.

Many of the charges were dismissed in the plea agreement.


One year?

This is the sh-t the D.A. and the Judge pull all the time. Doesn't matter how old the child was little slap on the wrist and a "bad boy" is all these f---ers get. My daughter was sexually molested by my Ex-husband and the D.A. told me "I understand your frustration and even though Social Services, the Child Advocaticy center and A Child OBGYN have all stated the claim is 100% factual, without DNA evidence I simply can not prosecute" I could have strangled him. But my daughter is safe with the help of Social Services and the GAL.
IMO both the Judge (who by the way was NOT a criminal defense attorney but a family attorney and not qualified to be a judge in this county for criminal) and the D.A. need to be replaced ASAP in order for things like the above matter to be tried and executed properly instead of this piddly sh-t they call justice!!!!

He is a lying f=r when he says he cannot prosecute, he can prosecute whatever he wants, they make false cases up all the time to get convictions, ruin peoples lives over it and the public thinks they are doing justice. they are just keeping the government funded programs going by making up convictions in some of these cases. There had to be some other reason for the d.a. not to push for more. But he did get his conviction so he is happy. They do whatever they want to do. Play god sometimes or just say screw it. im not putting time into this one, here is your gift of a deal to make this go away. Maybe he is right tho, how do they prove the case without proper evidence

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