Local pair faces allegations of prostitution

What was coined as a “bet” between two Antigo residents has the potential to trigger charges of prostitution.

Langlade County officials said the case is being referred to the district attorney’s office on allegations that money, as well as a pledge calling for a substantial weight loss by one of the parties, was traded for the promise of sex.

Authorities said an estimated $500 of the agreed upon $1,000 had already been paid but there was no physical encounter as the male half of the couple evidently did not meet the stipulations.

Full story: Antigo Daily Journal


This sounds like our good old DA is wasting our tax money.

Why is this anyones business but theirs?

What the hell is Utke think he's doing! My guess is someone's old lady or old man said they bone the other if they lost a slug of weight, and then probably said I'll bet ya $500 bucks you can't do it.

I think good ole Ralph probably has a few skeletons in his closet that he'd rather not have see the light of day, either.

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