Langlade County criminal court activity 06.02.2014

Bonds were set, warrants authorized and some new cases filed.

Lindsay L. Hodges of South Hudson Street, 30, dubbed as the drug "kingpin" by local authorities, is free on a $7,000 cash bond. Court records indicate payment was received on May 30. She is charged with two counts of manufacturing or deliver marijuana, maintaining a drug trafficking place and two counts of manufacturing or delivering amphetamine. Her next court date is set for July 16.

Andrew J. Artymiuk of Park Street, 48, received a cash bond of $150 for a charge of disorderly conduct domestic abuse. His next court date is June 30.

April A. Kwick of Wilson Road, 40, received a $200 signature bond for charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. She is scheduled to return to court on June 16.

Kaylynn M. Samplaski of Wabeno, 19, failed to appear in court on charges of felony bail jumping and possession of drug paraphernalia. A body only warrant was authorized for her arrest. A bond forfeiture hearing is set for July 1.

Jennifer L. Steckbauer of Nantasket Street, 33, had her bond amount lowered from $1,000 cash to $500 cash for two counts of manufacturing or delivering schedule I, II narcotics. Her next court date is June 20.

Tim R. Walraven of Wausau, 28, was sentenced to one year probation for misdemeanor bail jumping.

Denise M. Stevens of Deerbrook, 40, failed to appear in court for a charge of disorderly conduct domestic abuse. A body only warrant was authorized for her arrest.

New charges filed today:

Nicole Lee Young of First Avenue, 34, is charged with felony bail jumping and disorderly conduct domestic abuse.

Jeffrey L. Jeter of Lincoln Street, 19, is charged with felony bail jumping. An initial appearance is scheduled for June 16.

Amber M. Rudolph of First Avenue, 27, is charged with disorderly conduct and two counts of misdemeanor bail jumping.

Brett A. Spotswood of Gleason, 22, is charged with misdemeanor bail jumping and disorderly conduct domestic abuse. The incidents occurred on May 25.

Lolli M. Derks of Badger Avenue, 41, is charged with operating while revoked, which happened on April 23.

Charges filed on Friday, May 30:

Teresa M. Condit of Ninth Avenue, 25, was charged with felony bail jumping and operating without a license as second offense within three years. She is set to return to court on June 30.

Justin C. Jeter of Lincoln Street, 24, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and disorderly conduct. He is scheduled to return to court on June 30.

Charges filed on Thursday, May 29:

Rodney R. Zinsmeister of Fifth Avenue, 61, was charged with operating while intoxicated as a fifth or sixth offense and operating while revoked. During an initial appearance his bond was set at $1,000 cash. His next court date is June 9.

Joshua T. Buchholz of Koszarek Road, 35, was charged with third offense of operating while intoxicated. He was released on a $300 cash bond with a condition of no use of alcohol. A status conference is scheduled for June 23.


How many times is Amber Rudolph going to get her kids back? Karen at social services is obviously not doing her job!! To see her and her sister Nicole Young in the same article is A coincidence I think not. This whole family continues to get chances when is this going to STOP!!

I don't know you or Amber. But if you think social services can just yank kids out of a home because a parent caught a disorderly conduct charge then you are a special kind of slow. People can only surmise from your comment that you have some grudge with the woman. In typical Antigo fashion you whine to everyone except the person you have the problem with. Here is a marvelous idea. Instead of trying to throw dirt at these women Karen and Amber. Focus on your own apparently miserable life that leaves you only to worry about others lives and how to control them. If you hold onto all that hate you'll turn into the miserable cat lady as you get older and have no friends. Or maybe you have already begun that journey?

In case you aren't aware, and apparently, you do not even know 1/2 the facts, it is the job of the DSS, and judges to work with families and do all in their power to "reunify" the children with their parents, and in some cases, especially when there are so many other factors that come into play,.... it can take time. HOWEVER, ALL children deserve to be reunited with their parents, and although mistakes have been one, especially you knows the facts of this case, or any other. You are not God, and if you are a believer, you might want to keep this family in your prayers, instead of throwing stones. One last thing, unfortunately, families do argue and disagree, and usually work through their tiffs, at least these girls are not murderers, or something along that line. You should think, before you speak.

Anonymous - I don't know where you get your information from; however, you are wrong. We have seen this in Antigo MANY times. It has happened to people I personally know time after time since 1985 in my PERSONAL experience with friends. Several years ago, it happened to my nephew. He had to get an attorney and the State got involved. Social Services is being sued for this exact issue right now and were reprimanded by judges and the State already. You really should know what you are talking about before speaking. When a Social Worker is personal friends with one side of an issue and they have each other on speed dial, when an unannounced inspection is to happen, yet the person is warned, and on and on. It happens, it is certainly happening now.

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