Langlade County criminal court activity 05.21.2015

Langlade County criminal court activity 05.21.2015.

Terry J. Koeller, 31, of Wausau, was ordered to serve jail time during a revocation hearing. He was sentenced to six months jail for hit and run, with credit for 110 days of time served. A 90 day term was ordered for disorderly conduct with credit for 65 days served. A nine month term was ordered for lewd, lascivious behavior with exposure, with 107 days credit.

Michael A. Junion, 30, of Casco, was sentenced to two years state prison with three years of extended supervision for burglary.

New charges filed today:

Tara M. Bailey, 41, of Seventh Avenue, is charged with manufacturing or delivering schedule I, II narcotics as a repeater. The offense date is May 20. Her next court date is June 1.

Shawn M. Igl, 45, also of Seventh Avenue, is charged with manufacturing or delivering schedule I, II narcotics as party to a crime. She is scheduled to return to June 8.

Randy O. Dehart, 52, of Dorr Street, is charged with disorderly conduct, which happened on May 8. An initial appearance is set for June 8.

Jennifer E. Johnson, 29, of Suring, is charged with nine counts of retail theft. The offense occurred during March, April and May. Her initial appearance is scheduled for June 22.

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