Langlade County criminal charges filed today 05.21.2014

Langlade County criminal charges filed today 05.21.2014

Joshua J. Maddix of Green Bay, 37, is charged with manufacturing or delivering schedule I, II narcotics, which occurred on April 17. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

Jennifer L. Steckbauer of Nantasket Street, 33, is charged with two counts of manufacturing or delivering schedule I, II narcotics. A warrant was issued for her arrest.

Niall Gatton of Sixth Avenue, 17, is charged with second degree sexual assault of a child. There is a warrant for his arrest.

Brittany D. Eldridge of South Hudson Street, 24, is charged with possessing drug paraphernalia, maintaining a drug trafficking place, possession of marijuana as a second or greater offense and possessing an illegally obtained prescription. She had an initial appearance in court today and paid a $500 bond. A status conference is scheduled for June 16.

Timothy J. Fry of White Lake, 44, is charged with manufacturing or delivering schedule I, II narcotics, which happened on May 14. He is set to return to court on June 23.

Kerry K. Mosher of Gleason, 36, is charged with two counts of manufacturing or delivering schedule I, II narcotics. The incidents occurred on April 15.

Cassandra M. Wildman of Graham Avenue, 26, is charged with manufacturing or delivering amphetamine. $350 bond was paid. A status conference is set for June 23.

Jaysen G. Kaiser of White Lake, 34, is charged with manufacturing or delivering marijuana, which occurred on March 19. A status conference is scheduled for June 9.

Lindsay L. Hodges of South Hudson Street, 30, is charged with two counts of manufacturing or delivering marijuana, maintaining a drug trafficking place and two counts of manufacturing or delivering amphetamine. The offenses happened in April and May. Her next court date is set for June 2.

Nathan R. Bailey of Deleglise Street, 23, is charged with manufacturing or delivering amphetamine as a repeater. The incident happened on May 5. A status conference is scheduled for June 23.

Colton T. Belott of South Virginia Street, 23, is charged with manufacturing or delivering marijuana as a second or greater offense and as a repeater. He is set to return to court on June 23.

Allen J. Fleischman of Second Avenue, 22, is charged with retail theft and resisting or obstructing an officer. He is scheduled to return to court on June 23.

Dustin M. Widder of Highway 64, 20, is charged with resisting or obstructing an officer and disorderly conduct, both as a repeater. A status conference is set for June 23.

Michael A. Delcore of Illinois, 26, is charged with felony bail jumping and resisting or obstructing an officer. A status conference is scheduled for June 9.

Andrew J. Artymiuk of Park Street, 48, is charged with disorderly conduct domestic abuse. An initial appearance is set for June 2.


Some people will never learn stupid a--es serves them right idiots

Instead of doing his own job that he was hired to do, Bauknecht is creating such tension now between the snitches and people getting charged that some people are going to seek revenge and end up killing someone. Oh,, and the people getting charged are finding out quickly who snitched on them. Good job Dan

If you know who the narcs are, say it out loud. Everyone should know who they are. Chances are, they're in trouble themselves and trying to decrease they're own charges. If you're up on your history, that's how the communists operated. They'll rat on their own friends and family, even if they know these people will suffer. They think those people won't find out who screwed them. For sure, those folks need to know what this person is all about. It usually doesn't help them anyway. Promises the police WON'T keep. The judge didn't make any promises, and will do what he wants. Everyone knows the Antigo police are lying pricks anyway.

What ever happened to Randy Spencer.....he was always a big drug user and got a lot of young people in the habit and in trouble...they did time and he laughed about it....he is and ignorant a$$....just curious if he is still around and badgering people

Randy Spencer is living over at Wausau & yes he is still around & yes he is still doing what he does best being the biggest loser like always.. I would go on but he makes me sick & plus I have better stuff to do than write stuff about him nothing would be good that is for sure..
yeah he is still after young ladies.. He is sleeping with his niece that he says isn't but she really is..... Sick A$$....


What do you expect, he is a Spence the whole lot of them are low life scum bags

Let's not foget the tactics Dan Bauknect uses when he's real desperate to make a high level bust, such as for meth or heroine. He's been known to give them drugs in return for performing "controlled buys", and then arrests the narc for possession of the drugs he gave him. What's sad is any half wit could replace Dan, all the while using clean tactics.

If Dan Bauknecht is giving controlled substances to people to setup drug buys and then arresting those he gave it to. He should be strung up by his balls in front of the court house. Also seeing as it is illegal for a cop to give out drugs in evidence he should be charged with a felony for doing so.

Anyone being charged for these drug crimes might ask their attorneys if the police or Bauknecht has a certain protocall they have to follow in order to charge people for the drug crime. If the war on drugs is part of government funding, the government sets certain rules and guidelines the police must follow. If they do not follow the rules it can be thrown out in court and better yet the attorney should go after taking away the funding so they cannot get paid to make up these drug crimes. It is happening this way in all sorts of situations not just for drugs, sex crimes are made up to get their convictions so they can continue getting their funding also. Most like this is why the D.A makes deals that do not seem so hard on the so called criminal. The deal will stop anyone from continuing to fight the D.A. and be able to deal with a minor conviction and get it off their records in time. People need to grow some balls and take these cases to a trial if they were ever being charged with a crime that is part of a government funded program. As it is now the D.A continues getting bogus convictions for the county, and the money continues to come in the form of grants to go after those made up convictions

You make great points, but, around here, none of that seems to matter.
They do what they want here, they are all in on it together, lawyers, DA, Judge, etc.
The only way it would change is to get them out or have the Feds come in and do an internal investigation but I doubt you could ever get that far.
Nothing is done by protocol here, they make the rules as they go.

As a victim of a sex crime here in langlade county the idea that the charges are made up for government funding. I guess I should have let the jerk get away with it. Thanks

I am sure they are referring to the case with no victims, sort of like the sex stings which don't happen here too often, the police are getting funding to catch so called online predators but they are also making up the situation, going after someone, harassing them instead of allowing it to go the other way around. If someone is looking for sex online with a child they should be punished, but police all over the country are targeting individuals and then twisting the facts to get their convictions and making innocent people look like predators. They have been doing these stings now about every six months in this general area. Some of those people should be punished yes, but there are also some where police are breaking protocol to get their convictions. They absolutely get funding from the government to ruin peoples lives in those cases. I believe also that they should have the funding taken away when they make up convictions to keep the money in the system

You know, I think things here would be a lot nicer if everyone would quit stereotyping. There are a lot of Spencers, related or not related to Randy Spencer who do nothing but live quiet lives, working, (just like MOST of us) and never doing anything wrong. To lump people like this is just wrong and those of you who judge need to look to your bible. NO I'm not a bible thumper, but for crying out loud, what do you get out of being so nasty all the time? Especially when you are unable or unwilling to even use your own names.

I would agree that there are many good people with the last name Spencer. However both Spencers that have the first name Randy aren't sh&t and have brought your family name down low. 3 of the biggest pieces of shinola in this county are Randy Spencer, the other Randy Spencer, and Dan Bauknecht. All equally useless.

The police don't need narcs, anyone who knows a doper knows that there all like drug dogs, just gotta follow them around and see where the doper goes and whala there's another one.

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