Is Kackleshack in Antigo closed?

I have heard some rumors that they closed?

I also heard that BB Jacks owner is buying it to tear it down for parking?

Can anyone shed some light on this


We could only be so lucky. I really think that place is a drug house, as her good friend Christy Hicks has been busted so many times for drugs.. can't tell me she isn't using them also.

You must not know me at all there mr or mrs smart a--, Another assumer I see alot of those around here,My place was not a drug house an yes I am very good friend with christy Hicks what she does to her self is out of my control an out of my site. There are alot of addicts in this town that go to alot of bars I treat everyone with the same respect they treat me. So sunshine you can assume all you would like but I am not a user. And if that is the worst name you can throw this way you should really open your eyes.

Definitely has to be a Ms. or Mrs. The comment above yours has busy body written all over it. Also females are usually the only ones that come across that spiteful towards another female. Probably just some beast of a lady who cannot find a guy to save her life and is happy to drag anyone they can into their sh%t slinging contest. She's probably had her eye on the same guy for 20 years and one of you 2 talked to her dreamboat without her permission lmao! Don't let her get ya worked up. Smile knowing she'll be the "cat lady" in 10 years or bit by her own dog or something ;)

I think it's pretty damn low that you can post some sh-t like this, you clearly have issues with someone else not kackle shack. Grow the hell up for Christ sakes. Yes she is closing has nothing to do with drugs or what ever other rumors you can start up! She has two beautiful kids that mean more to her than running a bar. So before you go anonymously running your damn mouth get your story straight you damn loser.

Open til the 31st

Fred reported that the land had been purchased by BB Jacks and that they would be tearing it down. Shannon told me she was done end of this month.

sad another business is closing, but glad that BB's is getting more parking cause anytime I have been there to just grab a pizza and leave, there is no place to park!!!

I heard that the woman running it was fed up with goings-on there, in the bathrooms and whatnot. Sounds like she finally had enough

It would be so nice if someone could post something on here without it turning into a bash fest and someone pushing their personal agenda about which ever side of the drug issue they might be on. The guy asked a simple question about the status of the kackle shack and out comes the bull. Grow up people

I agree Shannon is an awesome person and has made kackle shack a great place to be! Sure gonna miss her! Good luck Shannon and I wish you the best!

A few members of the Stimac family bought it and will be demolishing it shortly for a parking lot.Shannon has been great to deal with and i wish her the best.There ya go straight from the source that purchased it

A larger parking lot for BB Jacks would be fantastic, hopefully they black top and paint lines to maximize the lot

We'll I know the owner and she is one of the most nicest charring loving people in that drug hole of a useless place to live!!! So if you don't know her than you should keep YOUR NASTY comments to YOUR SELF!!! Shanon when are you leaving that hell hole??? Love ya and will see you soon. Xoxoxoxoxoooooooo f?&$ these people they don't know s;(t.

This whole thing makes me sick, I can not stand it when people don't have a life of their own and have to talk about someone else. Shannon is one of the most caring people I know, I have known her for years and she not only has two wonderful children of her own, my children love her and have spent much time with her. So just because she knows someone that does drugs, does not mean she does them. I'm quite sure you know someone that is a b-tch!

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