Friday on Fred Street.

To the person in the black pick up truck who was speeding on Fred st Friday. Since you didn't bother to stop after you RAN OVER the small dog in front of his 15 year old owner, I thought I'd fill you in. Yes, you killed our dog after both front and rear tires went over him. He was barely a year old and loved by nearly 15 children plus the adults in the family. The 15 year old girl who witnessed your atrocious actions has had an emotionally damaging year and thanks to you she has more to deal with. The children who loved this dog aged 5-20 have to deal with the loss of a sweet furry friend. The fact that you didn't stop tells me one of two things. You are either too old to drive and will probably kill a child one day OR you are a cruel person who deliberately ran over someone's pet. Either way by not stopping after you destroyed the happiness of several small children you proved you are one of those people who have no sense of humanity or ANY morals. I just hope the children in your life never have someone like you kill their pet.


How sad! That poor girl. It is so hard to lose a pet

Sorry to hear that your pet was killed. He certainly should have stopped to at least check on the animal. It is also partially the owners fault for the dog running loose in the road? Or was it on leash when hit? If it was a very small animal and running loose is it possible the truck driver did not see the animal? Sad situation but both the driver and owner are to blame for it happening unless it was leashed or the truck came up into your yard.

Would you have stopped blaming him for ruining the lives of children even if he would have stopped after running over your pet you left run in the road. Imagine if you were not watching your children and let them run in the road

Before someone high and mighty jumps on the "should have been on a leash" bandwagon, we know this and accept that responsibility. He was in his yard playing and darted out. The blatant disregard for life and emotions by not stopping is what appalls me .This is a quiet residential street that only a few idiots (black truck included)find necessary to drive faster than 25 down. This street is only 2 blocks long and filled with kids and peoples grandkids so when you invade the street that we pay taxes for with disregard you are not welcome! You were witnessed by other neighbors as well so we all will be watching for you!!!
There is no way you could not have known you hit something, not once but twice.

I have a hard time believing that anyone who's ever owned a pet, doesn't understand the fact that there will be at least one time your animal will be out of your control. A quick dash out the door or out of the yard is all it takes. We had a dog that ran, constantly, who slipped out and was hit on Superior. The driver stopped and she was very sorry. We reassured her we knew it wasn't her fault, but the fact she acted like a human being, and showed compassion made ALL the difference in the world. Had these people stopped it would have been a tragic loss, not a loss PLUS anger and another hit to faith in humanity. There is a difference. And the SCREAMING girl in the yard makes it hard for me to believe they didn't know they'd hit SOMETHING.

Well I lived in your neighborhood and the only people who fly through those few blocks are all coming from the tech. So I would guess it shouldn't be to damn hard to find a black pickup there.

Payback, is a...

Don't drivers on the road have a responsibility to look out for ANY animal or child that might be on the road? If your not going to pay attention to the road then maybe you shouldn't be driving. There is no way in hell this person didn't know they hit something. And you can't always blame the owner for a dog being out of control. It happens, they are animals! Pay attention to the road!! Or you will end up hitting more than a beloved dog, a small child is just as unpredictable. I hope you get what you deserve you inconsiderate bastard.

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