Figure jailed last year in bath salt seizure formally charged

Criminal charges have been filed against an Antigo man at the crux of one of the area’s largest drug seizures in recent history.

Bail was set at $2,000 cash in Langlade County Circuit Court Monday for 29-year-old Anthony Flasch whose North Avenue home late last year was the target of a search by law officers on the hunt for items associated with a synthetic and hallucinogenic drug known as bath salts.

The actual salts, pure in form and seized with the assistance of the U.S. Post Office, had an estimated value of $25,000. Typically “cut” with other drugs and sold in one gram increments between $100 and $150 a pop for individual use, the street value of the substance jumps to an estimated $75,000.

Read more: Antigo Daily Journal


Its about time. Seems to me his brother Bill should be charged right along with him

Right! But that would mean the antigo police department would have to do their job right!

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