Dog n Suds sign leaves Antigo for Missouri

The neon Dog n Suds sign at Northern Advertising north of Antigo, that brought back memories of the 1960s and 1970s to thousands, is gone today.

Dean Blazek, who has operated the firm that specializes in billboards and business signs, like the one what graced a Marshfield Dog n Suds until about 25 years ago, sold it to a Missouri car collector to be part of his display.

Apparently that 1960s sign goes well with his classics.

Full story: Antigo Daily Journal


Dean is a huge asset to Antigo. A wonderful man. Too bad the family of sociopaths that own the old Dog n Suds / tacky vinyl sign sticker business, an embarrassment to Antigo; have to be mentioned in the same story as such a good man. That's Antigo. The good with the bad. The gifted and the trash.Those with social interest and those without.Dean has made Antigo famous respected with his world class neon sign school. Over the many years he has taught many students, there is only one person he taught at the school over the years that he regrets having taught.That one person is the antisocial individual who owns Antigo Sign.Sorry to see that sign go. Wish the embarrassment, the antisocial antigo sign businessman(sic) would go to Missouri and the Dog n Suds sign could stay.

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