The discontinuation of holiday banners in downtown Antigo

I read the recent letter that was in the Antigo paper regarding the holiday banners, which I find a little disturbing. In that letter, the persons are questioning why the holiday banners that are usually hung in the downtown area are no longer going to be used. It was asked, but not answered, if the issue came down to money or something else. This issue was to be discussed at a meeting tonight, so maybe some answers will be given as to the reasoning behind the discontinuation.

My problem is this, it seems as though, every so often there will be something published in the newspaper regarding the downtown area and the revitalization of it. I recall not too long ago that there was mention of a meeting or program that is to concentrate on improving the area, so, on one hand our local government wants us to believe that they are working on downtown improvements, and on the other hand, they are not willing to keep up the tradition of the holiday banners?

It just doesn't make sense to me.

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Yeah, you would think that if they are really trying to work on improving the downtown area, they would get new banners (if the old were too shabby) and put them up. Nothing around here seems to make any sense, it's Antigo.

I was happy to see that the banners may not be gone after all. Kudos to the person who sent in that letter to the paper.

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