Area's top drug house identified, continue to make arrests in the area

District Attorney Ralph Uttke Tuesday identified a South Hudson Street home as the “number one drug house in the county” as a slate of individuals, including the alleged “kingpin” of the operation, rolled before Judge Fred Kawalski on a slate of criminal charges.

Their arrests were what officials advise are “just the first of many” linked to an investigation which has been more than a month in the making by law enforcement from the Langlade County Sheriff’s Department and the Antigo Police Department.

Full story: Antigo Daily Journal


Omg, what a joke.. a major kingpin. Are you fricken kidding. The DA and the judge must be snorting chicken crap and actually fried their brains like eggs. Everyone in the courthouse needs to wake the hell up and then get fired.

Don't be shy. Tell us why it's a joke.

biggest drug house in town i really doubt that

Yea how fn dumb to suggest something like that, wasn't the same type of dumb rumor started when they were busting the teachers, "this is just the tip of the iceberg" hahaha

These detectives and cops know where the drug houses and movement of drugs are. They are not that stupid "you would think" They have the technology and means to track anything. So for them to talk about a major kingpin or drug house is a lie and a means to get attention and make themselves look like they are achieving something good. Well it is all a bunch of BS and when Uttke ever grows a set and actually starts telling the truth then maybe he can voice his thoughts and opinions. Wow , truly a circle jerk with this whole law enforcement deal in Anti-Go

Drug kingpins are very business savvy. Many own successful businesses, and funnel money through them, and figure ways to laundry the money. Most drug kingpins that I read about don't do drugs. I can't see how a 30 year old female meth addict, with a blank stare, and a fried brain can run a successful drug business.

Ralph has never encountered a drug kingpin in his life and never will. He just wanted to use a cool word to make it sound like they are actually accomplishing something. Which they are not. However big words get all the simple minded folks fired up for him. Oh it's an election year for Greening. Bye!

I agree that the term "kingpin" is a total joke in this case, but I disagree that Uttke has never seen one. He worked in Racine, and I'm sure he's seen a few. Believe me, if he saw a "kingpin" in Langlade County, he'd probably sh-t himself. They screwed up on another case here where almost 5 pounds of marijuana was delivered to a home. No one opened the sh-t but all were charged, with one person's charges later being dropped. (NOTICE THERE ARE NO BIG HEADLINES ABOUT THIS) Now, because none of those arrested know anything about the drugs and can't narc about them, he's holding one of them on TEN THOUSAND DOLLARs. Poor guy has been sitting about 3 months without a bail reduction of any sort while METH dealers caught with the stuff on their person get out on lesser bonds. This whole county is a joke and Uttke's the head clown

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