Antigo Woman The Victim Of Computer Scam

On Wednesday morning, a man on Wilson Street called police about an ongoing noise complaint on his neighbor. The man had documented the noises, the time of night it occurred, and how many times he contacted law enforcement. Most of the complaints stem from the man's exhaust on his truck, so the man was given a 10 day warning to fix that. The woman was reportedly angry and stormed into the house, while officers continued to talk to the man. While he was leaving, an officer heard the woman outside walking down the street, yelling and swearing. She was given a citation for disorderly conduct.

On Wednesday afternoon, an Antigo man told police that his wife had been the victim of a scam. The woman stated she was on the computer when a blue screen popped up with an error message, stating to call a tech support number to get rid of a virus. The woman said she gave them her credit card number and was charged $199. The woman said the "company" ran tests on the computer all night remotely and she couldn't stop them.

An accident was also reported at Langlade Hospital yesterday. An 85 year old man was in the parking lot, and hit the gas instead of the break.

Read more: WACD

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